Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Okay, so here's my tree. Last year it bore it's first fruit three big beautiful pomengranates. This year the tree is covered with flowers; this pic only shows the flower buds, they later open to a more trumpet shape. Then they develop a hard shell at the base of the flower, and that hard shell grows into a pomengranate. I MUST look up the proper spelling of that word!

my pomengranate (sp?) tree with flowers. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

Ollie following me. Posted by Hello

Kitchens and the morons who design them.

I don't know who's in charge of designing kitchens, but I strongly suspect they hate women. Whose bright idea was it to build a stove with the oven at knee height? A knee-high oven means you have to bend over to put things in and get them out. Hot things. Hot sloshy things. Moreover, you not only have to bend double, you also have to twist sideways at the same time, since oven doors open downwards, like a shelf. All the time handling hot, sloshy things. Cleaning an oven presents the same doubled-sideways-stance challenge, only when cleaning, you're on your knees with your entire upper body in the oven, spraying toxic stuff about. Good design there, fellas! So can anyone tell me why we don't have ovens at a sensible height, with doors that open like a gate? Anyone?

And why, for cryin' out loud, is the broiler down on the freakin' floor? Who wants to eat stuff cooked on the floor? On the floor where the family dog spreads hair, and people track all kinds of stuff in?

And self cleaning? A weary snicker here. Self means just that, yourSELF is who cleans the oven when the "self cleaning" feature fails to remove the burned on, splattered on, boiled over stuff in there. Oh "self cleaning" makes a stab at it, but come on now, in the end you know you'll have to get out the toxic spray, rubber gloves and knee pads.

Refrigerators. Is there any logical reason in the world a refrigerator must look like a coffin standing on end? With, yet again, most things located below a normal person's waist? And deep enough so that you have to do a lot of shuffling around to get everything in, or to reach something already in there? Refrigerators are the origin of the science experiments you find when you clean them out; you know, the containers of fuzzy gray or green goop. Those fuzzy things exist because they got shoved to the back of the refrigerator and forgotten. Forgotten because they can't be seen. It must be possible in this day and age to design and build a refrigerator you don't have to crawl inside to use. With a freezer section that's actually usable.

Cupboards. Why are so many of them built out of reach? Who in their right mind wants to climb on chairs or little ladders to reach the dishes or canned goods? Remember pantries? Those of you who were fortunate enough to have seen them as children (I'm one of the fortunate ones) know what I mean. Pantries are not a feature of modern homes, and haven't been for quite a few years; it's cheaper to build cabinets and cupboards than pantries.

You could walk right into a pantry and see at a glance everything in there. Shelves, reachable shelves held everything, and you didn't need a ladder to reach them.

I think it's about time the people who actually use kitchens start demanding appliances and kitchen designs made for real live human beings, not contortionists. Try being 8 months pregnant and cooking a cassserole for dinner in a knee-high oven!

On a side note, have you seen the energy efficient washers and dryers for sale now? Have you seen the prices on those things?? If the manufacturers and environmentalists want the general public to use energy efficient appliances, they're going to have to make them a whole lot easier to afford!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


36 days ago, and haven't had a cig once. It's been hell at times, and don't let anyone tell you that smoking is just a bad habit. It's an addiction, and the withdrawal is no joke. My doctor prescribed an antidepressent for me and it didn't work, just made me depressed (how's that for ironic?), the patch/gum/inhalers made me nauseous, so went cold turkey. It was the only way.

When a wave of craving would wash over me, the monkey on my back jumping up and down on my shoulders, shrieking at me to go buy cigarettes, I'd go outside and do something physically demanding, ANYTHING to take my mind off the craving. As an example, I went out to prune/trim/shape a shrub that had gotten overgrown as an distraction, and when I came to myself again, the bush was only knee-high and I was hip deep in leaves and branches. The shrub will grow back, and I did NOT go and buy cigarettes.

And boy does my yard look good!